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Andy's Tire Service Andy's Tire Service

Welcome to Andy's Tire Service

Andy started Andy's Mobile Tire Service in March, 1990, one year after he graduated from High School. He ran service 24/7, 365 days a year. Andy had a used service truck and hand-made tools that he and his father made. The truck had a hole in the floor board, around the stick shift, and the heater ran on high- all of the time! Andy's mother answered the phone and dispatched service calls during the day. His wife answered the phone and dispatched service calls on nights & weekends (when she was not at her job).

In 1995, Andy purchased a second service truck and hired his first employee. Then in 1996, Andy purchased B & C Tire Co. from Preston and Wanda Hook. (This is our current location.) The business name was shortened to Andy's Tire Service.

Three employees and one service truck came with the business, so now Andy had 4 men repairing tires, 3 service trucks and his mother tending the office.

In 1998, Andy purchased the properties at 1380 and 1382 N Graham St. from Ms. Jackie Burns Walton. He made the building at 1382 N. Graham St. into a warehouse for tires.

At this time, Andy's Tire Service had 6 service trucks providing road & field service 24/7, 365 days a year, as well as 21 employees.

In 1999, Andy expanded the tire shop by adding 2 drive- thru truck bays, to accommodate commercial trucks

In 2001, Andy purchased the property at 1390 N. Graham St. He made this building into Andy's Section Repair & Foam Fill. At this facility, We repair large farm tires and off-road tires that have damage too large to patch. We also flat-proof off-road tires with Ecofil brand foam fill.

In 2007, we did a major renovation of the properties. The old warehouse was demolished and a newer, larger warehouse was constructed. The new warehouse was located as to improve traffic flow through the 2 truck bays. The entire parking lot was repaved.

Currently, Andy's Tire Service has 14,000 square feet of warehouse with 2 car bays and 2 truck bays. Andy's carries several different brands of tires for applications from passenger vehicles to off-road vehicles. Andy's still has 5 service trucks that provide field & road service 24/7.